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Plant Manager, An IoT base PPC (Production Planning and Control) Software which performs as a crucial Shop Floor Management Tool having the end-to-end solution that includes features ranging from production planning, scheduling, control to seamless connectivity with various types of factory machines to cloud hosted analytics and machine learning bringing entire floor operation status and trends.

Business benefits in terms of:

  • 100% increase in Planning Efficiency (Scheduling & Rescheduling) in day-to-day Work-In-Process.
  • 30% increase in productivity on the shop floor.
  • More than 50% Reduction in Finished Goods Inventory.
  • 20% increase in OEE.
  • Mobile Application support for ease of access from anywhere.
  • Various Reports on your fingertips.


    • Visibility on every scheduled process
    • Real-time reports
    • Optimally utilized resources
    • Accurate data from shop floor
    • Finite capacity planning and scheduling

    • Production data entry
    • Daily schedule report
    • Order status report
    • Detailed order report